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About Us

About Teluguvani

‘Telugu vani Radio’ – ‘The Voice of Telugu people in Europe’ [A community Radio aimed at connecting all Telugu community people who are living in Europe].   (Telugu = Telugu Language, Vani = Voice/Language)


How is Teluguvani Broadcasted?

Teluguvani Radio broadcasts Telugu content such as Music, talk shows and interactive voice,  over Internet and also on all smart phones.  You can download TuneInRadio App and search for ‘Teluguvani’ this app is available on  Iphone, Android, Blackberry and other smart phones.


About the Music Broadcasted on our Radio

TeluguVani is NOT a 100% CINI MUSIC Radio.  TeluguVani broadcasts very few movie songs.  In this digital age, people hardly ever come to a Radio station to listen to movie music. Besides there are ample number of sites, such as YOUTUBE and  that promote pure music and also allow download.    So in TeluguVani we are aiming to promote Telugu Culture and forgotten arts in Telugu, such as Folk songs, light music, mimicry etc.,

We run promotional cini music so that our listeners know which movies are going on.  We don’t allow any download of this music.   Having said all this, Owners of Teluguvani strongly believe in the rights of the Music creators.  Teluguvani obtained ‘PRS License‘  in UK  to Broadcast only. We also have signed MOUs with music companies. For example we have permission from  “Madhura Audios”, second largest music production company in AP, to play their music on our TeluguVani Radio.

We try our best to protect the legal rights of the music creators.  And  Teluguvani is committed to take immediate action to remedy in case we are alerted about any copyright violations.

Honorary Creative Board of Directors

Members of this board are exclusively invited to be on board on the sole discretion of the Business Owners of Teluguvani. Creative Board of Directors are very highly talented individuals. They are celebrities pre-recognized for their talent in the Telugu community. They come up with creative ideas and influence ‘Teluguvani Broadcasting Staff’ on the content that is offered.  Following are our Creative Board of Directors:

1) Mahesh Kumar Chadalavada

Mahesh Kumar (39years) living in Britain since a decade,hails from a highly academic and socio-politically vibrant family from Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. His wife is a Neuro-Rehabilitation Specialist in NHS and a native of Warangal District,Telangana and they are blessed with two children. He is working in UK as a Specialist Practitioner in Directorate of Rehabilitation,National Health Services since 2002. He is one of the founding members and currently serving as Vice Chairman of Telugu Association of London( A UK registered charity serving Telugu people in London since 2005. He is very active in community service,cultural activities,student politics and employee unions through out his career.  Here in Britain, he joined Labour party in 2005 and rouse to the position of Vice-Chairman of the CLP in 2009-2010 and he is a Local Governing Council member and also elected as the Secretary, Black and Asian Multi-Ethnic minorities in 2011 in Labour Party.  He will be soon presenting a Socio-Political show on Telugu Vani Radio. [More…..]




2)  Feroj  Shaik is a Cost Manager by profession working for prestigious London 2012 Olympics programme.Although born in a muslim family he was very  keen on Telugu Lanugage, telugu literature and poetry. Studied telugu and sankrit as second languages.

Feroj currently lives in London. He has won accolades during his college days for his stage shows and performances. He became a popular Television anchor for a TV channel in London for his live telugu language show called “Nuru Shatam Telugu” and singing show called “Kalisi pata padudam”. He has also filmed and hosted programme called “ Mana Samskruthi” in Switzerland, Germany and UK to bring telugu community in Europe closer to each other. Also hosted live stage events in London with South Indian Film actors and actresses. Besides this  Feroj is club level cricketer in London with best bowling averages in 2011 season. He also does  charity work and enjoys music and acting.


3) Ragasudha Vinjamuri

Mrs Vinjamuri Ragasudha is an International Travel Consultant by profession and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Travel and Tourism Management in London. She hails from the illustrious family of artistes and achievers and is culturally quite active in the UK. Her father late Sri Vinjamuri Seshacharyulu is a well-known philanthropist and a patron of literature and arts.

Her poems, articles and short stories are published in Teluguone.Com, Koumudi web magazine, TANA Patrika, Swati magazine and Vajram Newspaper & local publications in the UK.

She is a part of the Creative Board of Directors of Telugu Vani radio and will also be a presenter of some programs. [More…]




4) Mrs. Hema Macherla, Writer

Hema Macherla published 25 short stories and some articles in various Telugu magazines in India. She wrote several poems, short stories for anthologies and two novels, BREEZE FROM THE RIVER MANJEERA & BLUE EYES in English, published by ‘Linen Press’  Her first novel was short-listed for ch.4’s Richard & Judy Novel writing competition as one of 26 out of 44,000 entries. Hema also won a ‘National Reading Hero’ award received by Mrs. Sarah Brown at 10, Downing Street, UK in 2008. She also collected second prize for ‘Big Red Read’ in 2009. Currently her books are being translated in French by a well-known French publisher. Hema is interested in reading and writing from an early age. The person who inspired her to write was her mother Mrs. Lalita Katrepalli. Hema lives in London,UK with her family.